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November 17, 2017

10 Ways to Find Out if Your Wedding is Home Brand

How do you know if your Wedding is Home Brand?

My clients create amazing ceremonies, and they use their imagination all the time by including 'in house' jokes in their ceremonies, walking down the isle with their dogs with rings tied to their backs, parking their camper near the river and pulling out the awning to marry!, I just realised there's another blog in writing about that. But for now, instead, let's talk about a Home Brand Wedding.

Many of my clients are Home Brand peeps, but don't even know it, or didn't know it had a name. They are just keeping it real, lean, funny and intimate and they never stop surprising me. 

I've been a Celebrant for over 10 years now, and my most of all favorite wedding ceremonies are the home grown, simple and sweet weddings that are normally in backyards, besides the river front, in the bush by a roaring fire and beautiful parks and reserves. These ceremonies are witnessed by the close family and friends where even the fury kind of friends are invited too.


I've married so many couples over my time, and seen so much that now I am really comfortable to attract clients who are wanting to create a home brand wedding with a touch of 'rebel' that isn't interested in a traditional large, over catered, ridiculously expensive weddings. 

'A Home Brand Wedding is a ceremony that reflects who you are and what is important to you, not everyone else'  

If you are wondering what makes up a Home Brand Wedding, they can look like this:

1. You keep your guest list to immediate family and some close friends

2. You spend more time contributing to your ceremony wording than sourcing your shoes 

3. You don't want to spend all your money on a wedding and prefer to holiday or 

4. You invite your dogs to attend or be part of the ceremony

5. Your whole wedding budget is what some brides pay for their dress

6. You dress up in a 80's wedding dress and suit for fun

7. Kids run wild and free

8. Your photographer is your best mate or a friend of a friend

9. You can tell a 'in house' joke that everyone gets, because everyone that is there should be

10. Your venue is normally where you have your ceremony and reception

My advice, keep it simple, fun and fast. Just do what you want, don't do traditional, have fun, make it your own, and make it memorable.

Kelly xx