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Are you hosting your wedding at home? If so, congratulations.

Did you know that the average Australian wedding costs $36,000? According to a Moneysmart survey, 82% of couples dipped into their savings to pay for their wedding. Another 60% got a loan and 18% used their credit card.

I know you will be shocked to read these statistics. Being pragmatic and sensible around money is why you are looking at this page. I know you are thinking about what $36,000 can buy you, or invest in. It works out to be a lot.  A new car, a renovation and just imagine the holiday you could go on!

Hosting a home wedding is not only practical, but it’s absolutely fun, and has several benefits. More than you might realise.  As a Celebrant I’ve been supporting home owners to host events at home for 15 years.

Many Home Brand Wedding clients host a very simple ceremony at home and create a beautiful day, just the way they want to. They are far from boring, or cheap or tacky. Home Brand Wedding clients can go all out, some don’t. It is totally up to you and always judgement free around any decision you make. At home you don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone but yourselves and the goals you are trying to achieve for you, and your family.

Often, the main attraction of hosting a home wedding is the casual and relaxed style that you can create with family and friends who matter most.


The people who turn up just want to enjoy time spent with you. They don’t care that they don’t have a place setting or a fancy gift at the end.

They are there for you, and honoured and happy to see you get married and celebrate with you.

Too often people are spending considerable amounts of money to host an event that is often more expensive because it has the word ‘wedding’ attached to it. There is often a 200% mark up for items you purchase because it’s a wedding.

There are other fun and new ways that allows you to create a home event just how you’d like it and here are some of Home Brand Wedding client experiences and advice they would give you after hosting their own wedding at home.

  • Keep numbers to a minimum. This gives you an added advantage for many reasons besides saving money. Think of setting a place or chairs for 50 guests! Wow. Scary. Then think about how easy it would be for 20-30 people! It’s manageable to do on your own, without the need to hire a planner, or a fancy venue.
  • To avoid fighting with relatives you don’t want to invite. Don’t tell anyone you are getting married. Keep your numbers to immediate family only and your bestie. Tell the people you want to attend, and swear them to secrecy until after the wedding date, normally once it’s done, it’s done. People express annoyance, but get over it quick. If people can’t keep a secret, how about a creating a surprise wedding for your guests? Create an event, inside an event. A birthday and surprise wedding? Father’s Day and a wedding, New Year’s Eve and a wedding, engagement party and a wedding. And keep it secret!
  • Order in, or make it easy with catering. Make sure you give someone else that job to plate it all up and tidy up afterwards. Couples have used Uber Eats for their meal for a wedding under ten. What about a giant platter board, or finger food instead of a sit down meal?
  • A cook up! Yes, the American’s call it ‘Pot Luck’ – this is where everyone brings casseroles and stews and easy cooked meals that can be shared. All you need to do is provide the breads! A great option for weddings in the cooler months. You could even do a coordinated approach, where you set the menu, and send out the recipe to your guests to bring. No presents needed!
  • Hiring equipment isn’t always a must. It’s just an added bonus if you can afford it. Decorations can be found in the strangest of places. The local kerbside throw out, your neighbours, your family and friends. Go find it, or just ask! It becomes a challenge and project! Do you need 20 chairs? Ask your neighbours, they are easy to give back, and they are FREE! Pot plants, table cloths, rugs, fairy lights, Australian natives and in season flowers and candles make a huge transformation that adds atmosphere and relaxation. People love weddings for this reason. They want to feel at home and relaxed. And there’s no better place than yours to do that.
  • Consider hiring a couple of items that suit your budget. No need to go all out. A few nice pieces can really make the space feel special, and create the atmosphere. A wine barrel chairs and tables, an arbour or even a love seat. It’s a great opportunity to create a photo area to take photos with your guests. Anything you purchase for your event, consider telling them it’s for a party, not a wedding where applicable. Often the price can be different.
  • Op shops are the BEST place to find everything you need for a wedding. This includes your wedding dress! In addition, you can find mismatch collection of plates, cups and cutlery. Hiring glasses can cost more than just buying them from an op shop. When you are finished, you can donate straight back. It’s a good practice for everyone and the planet. It avoids waste and your money goes to charity.
  • Homes have both the added bonus of having a wet weather option. Which many outside venues don’t. It’s a perfect transfer from the outside wedding in when the weather turns bad. All that needs to be done is a quick removal of furniture with all hands on deck)and storing it a spare room. It will open up your home to fit in and make the room. No one is disappointed when it has to come inside. It makes room for a more fun and intimate setting, for the ceremony, and conversations with guests.
  • Getting married at home makes you do all the jobs you’ve been saying you’ll for the past 5 years. The new garden bed, the undercover veranda, the painting and more. It has the added bonus of a deadline with a date. Many a project has been accomplished for weddings at home.
  • If choosing an Airbnb or having an event in someone’s else home with 20 or more guests, consider paying for an event person for 2-4 hours. They are there to plate up, serve, top up drinks, clean up and be on their way and problem solve so you don’t have to. You could pay a family member, or a friend who would like a little extra cash.
  • Autumn and Winter afternoon weddings ARE THE BEST, and the people who have them have amazing photography from the sunset. As it gets dark, the ambience from the lights, candles and fire pit is just heaven to sit back, relax and spend time together.
  • Consider just eloping, and arrange a dinner party, or BBQ where you can announce your good news later. Then share your photos of the day with an onscreen presentation, or photo album. Thank all your guests with hand written notes and thoughtful gestures/gifts of appreciation so they don’t feel like they have missed out.

As you can see, hosting events at home can be very simple. You can do it yourself, or hire an event planner or even just delegate jobs to support you host a memorable event that suits you and your budget.

If you’d like more information about weddings at home, or an Event Host to assist you, please go to my Face Book Page and find more people hosting weddings at home. You will find plenty of inspiration and ideas to create your own Home Brand Wedding.

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