About Me


I’ve been a Celebrant for 14 years and spent many years wondering why my Celebrant career was not fulfilling. I thought maybe I was just getting bored and needed a change. But, one day I had a small wedding with a family, a dog and a camper van, then another with pizza boxes and Hawaiian shirts, then another that was 80’s themed, in a backyard where the bride wore a puffy dress when she had never worn a dress before, and the first time anyone saw her in one.

I started to pool my memories together of my most memorable and enjoyable weddings. I realised the biggest joy as a Celebrant was when I officiated quirky and intimate ceremonies that were witnessed by the people who mattered most to the couple.

It was at these ceremonies when I saw guests actually wanting to hear the words spoken at the ceremony. It was these people who shed a tear as they said their vows, they clapped loudly, they whistled and whooped at the joy from the official ‘kiss’ - It was these people who mattered most to the couple because they weren’t in a hurry to get to the bar or eat their meal. No, they were there for the couple, and the couple could not have done it without them.

For me, Home Weddings or smaller intimate weddings are something magical to witness and to realise this has made all the difference. Home Brand Weddings exists, because it was those events that made all the difference for me and I want to share the ideas and opportunities for couples to realise the potential of marrying at home with the people who matter most.

I love working with relaxed, friendly and easy going couples not obsessing over wedding favours and the colour of chair sashes and racking up credit card debt for people you’ll never see again in 12 months’ time. No need to be anyone other than yourself when you work with me, and I will do my utmost to offer you some ideas, suggestions and opportunities to make your own Home Brand Wedding that is affordable in your own home, someone else’s home, or a venue of your choice.

What are Home Brand Ceremonies?

Home Brand ceremonies are lovable moments that are celebrated in family homes with family and friends where in-house jokes can be shared with everyone, and people laugh. It's where couples have their dogs walk down the aisle and carry the rings, it's where getting married near the river with your camper van is what you truly want, so you make it a reality. They are full of love, light and laughter, but held wherever you want, even in amazing homes opened up just for you.

Home Brand Weddings are where family and friends come together for a meaningful, yet still fun event, that is celebrated with people you love the most and where the ceremony is one of the most important parts of your day. Shoes, dresses and flowers may mean a lot for some, although, nothing will mean as much as your personalised ceremony in your own home, or a home that has a landscape scene, a simple and elegant garden, a historic tale, a riverbank, a bush setting or rolling hills with post card views.

Having said that, just because a Home Brand Wedding may be small or different to the traditional white frills and fluff doesn't mean its ordinary, cheap or boring! Far from it. Small weddings in homes, or backyards, around a fire, by the lake or dam create a wonderful vibe of intimacy and inclusion for all who attend when you keep your guests to the people who matter most to you. When love comes together in such close, romantic spaces, I’m reminded of why the Celebrant role is the most rewarding I’ve known! If you are ready to save money and create your own Home Brand ceremony with a difference, I dare you to be different. Spend the time on my site and check out the locations we have on offer. We are always opening up new homes and adding new ‘Free’ spaces each month.

Stuck on a location or venue, wondering if your home is good enough to get married in, are you all out of ideas to marry affordably or considering a registry style wedding? Reach out and let me know. At Home Brand Weddings, we can create something from nothing, I'm in if you are! Let’s talk about what you have in mind, obligation free. No pressure ‘sell’ from me.