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December 8, 2017

Sit down when I tell you this........weddings on average now cost $36,000! Whatthe... most of you are saying to yourselves. Because i sure did!  

If you cringed and  wanted to throw yourself down in a little tantrum knowing you won't spend that much, but really, really, really want to. Don't feel alone here.

Most of the human race wants what they can't have, or they have the problem with being able to see where that money could be better spent.   

 Or, you may be from the other extreme. When hearing $36,000, the mere thought of spending that kind of money causes you to shake your head and say.....'What? I just don't understand...'

Well folks,  here are some suggestions for the ceremony and the reception that  is lean and green! Listen up, I can show you how your ceremony can feel like it cost a million dollars.


"My advice is - Go Home Brand, have your wedding at home! Or find someone else who would let you host it at their house.  No need for a tacky backyard BBQ with a spit roast. Those days are gone"

Big tip is to focus some of your spending into hiring items for your ceremony and reception. And the hardest one of all is; invite your immediate family and besties ONLY! Hard to swallow cause you have so many friends. Where ever possible, keep all kids to a minimum.    

"Reminder!  This blog is to help you out!  Home Brand Weddings are small and sweet and will suit your wallet - hard decisions need to be made just like the $36,000 kind. You'd have to do it  either way"    

 Here are some things you might like to buy/hire that  will take away the 'tacky' or add to the atmosphere;  

Wine Barrels - there's so much you can do with these!

Ceremony Arbours - can be 'loud' and out there, or fairly simple diy, or just plain beautiful....

Table cloths - make a huge difference. Recently i saw paper tablecloths and I must say, it still looked like a beautiful table setting. Why not butchers paper or newspaper? 

Table decorations - don't spend too much money here, simple can be often the best and take a look around you. Natives are everywhere. Gotta love the tin can numbers! 

Cutlery, plates, wine glasses - There is NOTHING better than eating from a proper plate, knife and fork. Go to the op-shop and buy a mismatch of everything - you'll be supporting a good cause and being a funky event host to boot!  Raid you Nan's, Aunt's Uncle's kitchen and embrace the eclectic mix of mismatch! 

You may even just buy them outright if cheap enough and sell later. Keep an eye on Gumtree and ebay. There are 100's of wedding groups local to your area on Face Book, or create one yourself! Join as they often talk wedding ideas and sell all things weddings.  

"Be thrifty, you might be lucky enough to score a little collection of  second hand wedding items from a previous Home Brand Wedding Planner such as yourself. Score yourself a bargain and leave more room in your budget for the honeymoon" 

Believe me. You can honestly have a $36,000 look-a-like wedding if you plan well and make the effort in the small things, because they really do matter and it's what makes the difference.  

You have so much more choice than ever before, and tonnes of 'cheap shops' who sell party and event items by the truck loads. Now, it's only left up to your imagination and your budget of course!

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Keep an eye out for my blogs with tips on how to keep your food bill to a minimum!  

Blog ya later! xx


Kelly is an Authorised Marriage Celebrant and Event Planner who works in the Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and Central Coast areas (New South Wales, Australia). She lives at home with a sausage dog called Penny, 3 kids and husband Gerard.  Kelly offers weddings in her home and in the nature reserve near her property - please go to to find out more.