Short – Simple – Sweet. A Small Wedding in Glendale

Located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburbs, there is a little green medow retreat called Glendale Parkland. It’s a place only the locals know about. This is where they walk their dogs, picnic and play. It backs onto backyards and overlooks Mount Sugarloaf. It is perfect for a quiet, informal and intimate wedding.

Couples may like to bring with them an arbour to decorate the space to make it something special. Ask about using the ‘red carpet’ to really make an entrance!

The Perfect Features Include

Great location for a small group between 5 – 20 people

No fuss, easy wedding

Outdoor wedding in nature

Set up any time you want if you choose to DIY decorations

Includes a wet weather option

You could make a grand entrance as you walk down the hill

Best for Winter, Spring & Autum weddings

Red carpet and table can be supplied free of charge

Possible Drawbacks

Does not have toilets or power, not a flat area, not alot of shade, not accessible for people in wheelchairs, crutchers and elderly people using walking frames, not suitable for Summer.


Free with a Home Brand Wedding Celebrant

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