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August 10, 2017
It’s Official – Same Sex Couples Can Marry as of 11 January 2018 – Get Your Notice In Now!
December 8, 2017

The How To: for Same Sex Couples Choosing a Celebrant

It’s all ‘but’ official, with only some minor legislation change you might be thinking.

Even our Prime Mister is saying ‘easy peasy’ and a job done by Christmas. Although, as a Celebrant my opinion was, hold your horses.

My guess was at least 4-6 months from the announcement. I have to say how amazingly, amazed i am that the Government have pulled this rabbit out of the hat so fast. A big well done is all i can say.

From Saturday 9th December, you can start submitting your Notice Of Intention to Marry form. And now, you can marry as early as the 10 January 2018!  Now only a month away before same sex couples say ‘I do’ and I already have inquiries and questions around getting married and my first email was truly a very exciting moment.

Wow, what an occasion and a highlight for our country, a milestone that will go down in history and a celebration for millions of people around the world. So let’s get moving and make it happen I hear you say.

So here’s my advice to find a Celebrant;

Do a Local Google Search

You can search a few ways for a Celebrant. Most people find me with a Google Location Search. Meaning typing in these words in the Google search bar ‘Celebrant Glendale’- you will find a little locator of all Celebrants in and around where you are located. To be honest it’s easier for everyone involved to have a local Celebrant that is located close to your home, and your venue. Some Celebrants charge for travel, so don’t forget about that little gem and read the fine print.  


Check out a Celebrant Association

One of the tell tale signs of a dodgy Celebrant is how they keep their documentation, their communication and their quick response to your inquiry. Most Celebrants have a day job, and many don’t do the full time gig, so for some Celebrants, you can’t even get them on the phone during business hours. You can search via a Celebrant Association site such as Australian Marriage Celebrants Association  Searching by an Association is just another added bonus that gives you some peace of mind that they belong to a reputable registered body bound by a code of ethics. These Associations, in most cases, offer their Celebrants public liability insurance and go out of their way to support a Celebrant’s professional development and their businesses.  

Celebrant Listing Site

OMG….these are coming out of the woodwork. I’m harassed almost every second day and really not sure which one is best. You will also find listings of Celebrants on wedding planning sites also. There is NO short supply of Celebrant listing sites. Check out Celebrateit and Celebrant Connect . Celebrant Connect have a great risk management offering for Celebrants with an ‘in case of an emergency’ offering to find a Celebrant if an accident occurs and the Celebrant cannot make the wedding. This gives peace of mind for the Celebrant and couples to have this in place.  

Word of Mouth

Nothing better than a referral. So just ask around. Do a shout out on Face Book to all your friends and family, then stalk the Celebrant on their websites, face book and insta accounts. Check them out. Price isn’t always the best measure. I can totally say it isn’t. My rates aren’t the cheapest, and I’m not the most expensive either, but what I do offer, and what every other Celebrant offers is ‘individuality’ – none of us are the same. Awesomely different and miles apart from the other.

Enjoy the planning, the fun and discussion around this majorly historic event! Congratulations Australia! 

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