Wedding Celebrant Central Coast


Your wedding should not be about wasting important funds that would benefit your new life as husband and wife. No newlywed should be burdened with crazy debt instead of enjoying their honeymoon, or even a new home together.

Don’t let your wedding become a spectacle to impress others. Make it meaningful for you, your partner and those you who matter most. It is true that money can’t buy happiness. And I’ve seen very little money spent at weddings with great impact and lasting memories. To created these treasured memories, you bring people together that mean the most, you create a ceremony space and event that has you in mind, not everyone else.

You can make your Home Brand wedding unforgettable by taking some time to sit down with your partner and ask these three simple questions:

Who am I doing this for and why?
What do you value, and what do I value?
If we decide on this option to marry, is this in keeping with those values?

The answers to these questions should shape what your wedding will look like. The Central Coast has many beautiful locations to hold your ceremony, but if they hold no significance for you then perhaps you should consider a venue which is more meaningful, your home!

After all, home is not where you are from but where you belong. Your wedding day is special as it celebrates the relationship between you and your partner, a partnership where you will always belong.

Having worked with countless couples, I’m here to help you out, to carry some of the load and to ensure you don’t feel burdened by the happiest day of your life! If you would like support to design, plan and present your wedding ceremony, please allow me to help. I’m always just a phone call away.

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