Wedding Celebrant Newcastle, Lake Macquarie


From the wineries to the waves, everyone has their slice of heaven they call home in this diverse region. Here at Home Brand Weddings, I understand that your own home, your family, and the Region’s natural assets is an extension of your home.

I want to help you cut through the extravagance and expense of the traditional wedding and take the time to remind you of the memories and stories held in your hearts as a couple. Home Brand Weddings won’t see you caught in an argument over which distant relative to invite or what colour the napkins should be. Especially when you choose to marry at home or a venue meaningful to you.

While you love your home, getting married at home maybe isn’t an option for you, so you might be getting creative and looking for ceremony locations and its leaving you with unable to choose due to the endless offerings in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas.

Are you looking for a venue that caters for smaller weddings without the big price tag? Are you looking for a romantic outdoor setting but not sure of the areas? Undecided on having it at home, at a hall, at a venue or in a tent?

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie venues and ceremony location are too many to count. But, if they hold no significance for you then perhaps you should consider a venue which is more meaningful, your home!

After all, home is not where you are from but where you belong. Your wedding day is special as it celebrates the relationship between you and your partner, a partnership where you will always belong.

A great place to start is the local Council for ideas for outside ceremony locations and event reception venues. They provide a wealth of information and help with the booking requirements that go with them.

Newcastle City Council

Lake Macquarie Council

Having worked with countless couples, I’m here to help you out, to carry some of the load and to ensure you don’t feel burdened by the happiest day of your life! If you would like support to design, plan and present your wedding ceremony, please allow me to help. I’m always just a phone call away.