Weddings At Home


Rather than going to expensive wedding venues, why not look in your own backyard? Literally. Or even the home of someone else?

You are probably here because you are pragmatic, easy going, and would rather see your hard earned dollar go towards a new car, a renovation or even a holiday.

If you consider you ‘should’ have a wedding at a venue, pay a fortune for family you don’t know, hire a large fleet of hot rods whilst making sure you ‘give others the opportunity’ to attend and celebrate, your wedding day, then read on.

I’m wondering what really the real issue for you, because you seem to be undecided.

Especially if you are telling yourself, “I can’t afford it”, Or, “If can’t have the white frills and fluff, I’m not doing it at all” Or the disheartening desire of wanting something, but being so dam practical you are both saying....”the 12th of never”

But I’m here to say, it’s not because you can’t afford to get married, it is probably because you can’t bear to part with your hard earned money for a one day event. You work allot, and feel time poor. You are not creative nor have the energy to create and host a ‘piece of art’ rather than a celebration as many people are doing now. Who can be bothered with 100 matching chair bows and party favours? Or, more to the point, you just have other priorities getting in the way. Getting married seems to be forever down at the bottom low on the list of ‘to do’s right next to a new hot water system.

Let me tell you something I’ve learnt from my 14 years as a Celebrant.

The only thing that should matter is getting married right. The rest, just an extra bonus. In your heart of hearts, this decision to share a life time of togetherness, united as a couple in the eyes of the law, your friends and family is your decision to make. Just yours.

And the people who matter most are the ones who really do care about this decision you will make. It’s those people who shed the tear, laugh at a stupid joke and are your shoulder to cry on. I’m talking about the people who have loved you through it all. I’m here to say, your beautiful, meaningful wedding can be achieved by keeping it small and inviting the people who matter most to you. Not the cast of 1000’s. How in the hell do you have 150 close friends? So why invite them to such a private and meaningful moment in your life that they will soon forget, and rarely remember your kids or dogs names?

Weddings at home are the most private and lovely ceremonies. Not just anyone comes to a home. It’s by invitation only, and people who matter most to you know the invitation is always there.

Your home, or the home of someone else is where hearts reside, many amazing moments happen in a home. So what better place than to marry in one. I’m going to tell you a list of reasons why my clients are having weddings at home, and why they continue to have them;

  1. There are no hire fees, no annoying event managers, no paperwork, no official meetings, no menu choices or feeling pushed into purchasing a catering package that is just too much.
  2. You can invite only the people who matter most because it’s a home. It’s not meant for 1000’s. Having a wedding at home is a great excuse to keep the invite list down, especially if at a family member’s home if it’s not yours
  3. You get to clean that crap out of backyard you’ve been saying needs done for the past 7 years. Yes, all those car parts, or the unfinished garden projects or a project that has been put off for too long. Say yes to a wedding at home and give a gift that keeps giving and a deadline to get it done by!
  4. You will spring clean the house because you have a due date. No more procrastination!
  5. People can camp in your backyard or spare beds and it’s like a giant sleep over. Think of the BBQ breakfast in the morning. It can be an event for a weekend to remember.
  6. Share with others the amazing view you have, or a space you create to marry. Some people live in homes with amazing views like a postcard. Or by using some imagination you can pull off an amazing part of the house with fairy lights, decorations, plants and you’d think you were in another part of the world.
  7. Everyone is happy to help. After all, these are your amazing family and close friends only. They would do anything for you. You only need ask.
  8. No one will care if its pizza boxes, Hawaiian shirts and beers. No one will care that it’s a ceremony at home and out to the club for a meal or a lovely restaurant afterwards. No one will care about any of this. Their only care is to be with you and witness two people in love, getting married. That is the only thing that matters to them.

I want to begin by saying, stop ‘should-ing’ all over yourself and take a look at what you really want, did those options make you stop and think? In my opinion, my clients are looking for these things;

  1. Host an affordable wedding that’s easy, not too expensive and ‘feels’ like a wedding
  2. To be able to celebrate a decision that is meaningful to you both, the time is right.
  3. You are already a family, or a family coming together and you want to recognise this within your own family
  4. A simple ceremony without fuss. No lengthy poetry, readings or a fantasy and whimsical tales on your first date that puts people to sleep.

You still might be un-decided about your numbers. I get that. It’s a tough gig to sort out. But I hope you understand that keeping it small, and for the people who matter most allows you to have something you can afford, and moreso, something you want.

So why go big? Why spend the money? Why put on an event that you think everyone else deserves or more so, think they are entitled to? This is your day. Get married at home, or at least the way you want to. Who says you should do it any other way?

Check out our own Home Brand Venues you might like to consider if you don’t have any of your own to use