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What is Home Hosting?

Home hosting is opening up your home and inviting guests to use it as an event space, or hired space for an activity they wish to conduct for a fee. Currently people may only consider their options are daggy boring community spaces, boxed in conference rooms and stinky halls to host their events. They are often overpriced, under whelming and lack atmosphere and warmth. 

People love to ‘feel’ into a space that translates a relaxation into the event and space they are in. Have you ever been to a cold room, harsh lights and loud noises for a yoga class, or workshop? For example, a styled home for a photographer can capture professional lifestyle shots for business owners, products and branding shoots. A home fitted with a large table and nature at the back down creates a creative vibe to take instruction for a painting class or photography lesson when the surroundings can inspire them. 

Ceremonies are best done with a magic view, relaxed vibes and supported event to take away any stress on the day.  And magical moment when you are alongside nature’s backdrop of stunning views, and landscaped gardens with privacy.

A home host can offer a place for a meet and greet, an interview or a meeting and much more. Whatever type of venue you would pay for to host your event, consider how it could be done in a home.  

Disclaimer, the success of home hosting is at the heart of the host who allows their home, their passions and interests attract the right client to their door. It’s not a get rich quick opportunity, it is an opportunity to create a secondary income with minimal risk if focused on attending to a commitment to collaboration, customer service, legislation, risk, respect for your neighbours and commitment to creating work you love in supporting others.


About the Founder - Kelly Lawson

I am a marriage celebrant, mentor and coach and founder of Home Brand Weddings. I’ve been a company director for a sustainable industrial cleaning company and extended my hand at supporting a technology start up with no technology experience! Throughout this experience, I have always managed small businesses for the past 15 years. In addition, I have attributed to my transition into tackling these challenges and adventures because of my participation in the gig economy as I built and grew my business using various platforms.

As a Celebrant in Home Brand Weddings, I’ve specialised in small weddings. During this time, I’ve been supporting home owners to host events in their own home and continue to coach entrepreneurs since 2019. I have specialist knowledge of human motivations and attitudes in the work they do and supporting experience to help people find and do inspired work and businesses.   

I’ve combined my love for connection, relationships, personal development and the brave journey of business in the Home Event Project and Home Hosting concept. I’d love to share this opportunity with you and hope you can see the long term vision that supports anyone to find and create their best work and be paid for it at and from home.

I love working and supporting people to connect with each other and themselves so they can do their best work in their health, their career and their business. When people have fulfilling and creative work and income, it’s an opportunity to really live a life that you desire that is rich and full as it’s always rewarding, and always has a hint of challenge.

If you’d like to combine your home, your skills and energy to do what you love, and create a secondary income, ask me how many other people are making their homes and talents work for them.  Contact me to learn more.

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