DON'T STRESS! - Get a Celebrant Mentor

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a Celebrant Mentor who can show you the ropes and avoid costly mistakes as you set up your business as a new Celebrant. Or if you need a shake up an old business needing a good overhaul, I can help.

Are you excited to start your own business and become a full time Celebrant, or even part time Celebrant and just need the overview of what ‘not’ to do and be on your way as you may already have awesome savvy socials, know your market team and have sales skills to hit the ground running.

You might be interested in working ‘with’ Home Brand Weddings rather than setting up your own business, because its hard work setting up and managing a business if you are working full time or waiting to retire so you can start working more as a Celebrant in another 5 years and not quite now. You may not want to do the back end of business for now, and just happy to perform weddings. If so, I can also help you there. Want to join Home Brand Weddings and be a preferred Celebrant and not worry about the back end of town? (marketing, branding, websites and more) Ask me how, it’s simple.

Unfortunately many people who wait too long to commence their Celebrant career lose their knowledge, contacts and mostly their confidence as they witness a sea of Celebrants who seem to get bigger and bolder leaving you for dead. Let me help you ‘slow grow’ your Celebrant business without the need to pressure sell, or break your back trying to get clients, or the bank. It takes any business 4-5 years to get established. I’m letting you know that you can have a choice in how you start your business and happy to help you figure it out.

I have been a Celebrant for 15 years. Over this time I have experienced my own successes and mistakes as a Marriage Celebrant. I have spent far too much money on marketing with no return, and yes, I have been ripped off by web developers and so called Google experts.

I can be hard starting out, or trying to get more work.  At any turn you are ready and waiting to step on a landmine as you come out of training or navigate your business needs and I’m here to say, ‘you will save 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars just with one mentoring conversation’

I have had a corporate background in executive positions, been a company director of an industrial cleaning company and continue to manage two small businesses. I’ve even had my hand at a technology start up.

All of this experience has come with knowledge of business, all the mistakes you are going to make, so why not avoid them and save yourself a heap of money, and also the embarrassment that can sometimes break your confidence when starting out or getting back into the saddle.

Are you a new celebrant or struggling to get momentum in your business?



  • Setting up systems and processes, agreements, invoicing
  • Knowing where to start, what to do next
  • Advice and support to make decisions on topics you don’t know much about
  • Creating your own personal USP (Unique Selling Point) or point of difference
  • Creating or reviewing templates and forms
  • Interviewing and selling techniques including face to face and phone
  • Rehearsals, Meetings, Phone Calls
  • Setting up and using Lifelink, submitting official documentation
  • Setting up your working office and files
  • Creating networks and referral partners
  • Keeping a sense of humour when you’ve made a mistake
  • Knowing the questions to ask service providers before you spend the money
  • Becoming a Celebrant that represents your own personal ‘values’
  • Providing consistent service that gets you the clients you want
  • Knowing what you need and what you don’t in setting up a Celebrant business



  • Forms and templates to get started
  • Supervision
  • An opportunity to join a business rather than setting one up
  • Referrals to ‘professional services and businesses’ who won’t rip you off
  • A friendly, supportive and confidential space to talk about your business ideas
  • Regular Zoom calls for Q&A

To best serve you with advice and support, or a quote, please give me a call, or send an email. We can work out something that suits your budget. I offer payment plans and can do a mix of face to face and online if local. For some people it’s one hour, or three sessions. For others it can be regular catch ups for six months.

    M: 0401 067 181