Kelly Offers Coordination of Funeral Services & Celebrant Services


Funerals are a challenging time, yet necessary, to process the profound feelings of loss that come when we say goodbye to a loved one. More than simply a process of grief, a funeral service should capture the essence of the life departed, sharing with all present their unique spirit through the stories and adventures of their life.

Picaluna Beautiful Funerals offer you the great opportunity to create a ceremony and funeral around the acknowledgement of the grief experienced by all, and also the celebration of a life. Picaluna have empowered celebrants to perform ceremonies in the home and locations chosen by you. Using a celebrant allows you the freedom to create a meaningful and beautiful ceremony that is reflective of the life lived by your loved one.

Watch here for more information around the non-traditional opportunities to celebrate the life of a loved one passed.

I can be your funeral planner or celebrant for this important occasion and can offer support around what options are available to you, obligation-free.